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We make reality, any project in public space.

At Secure Stone, we have the skill and knowledge necessary to help the creators throughout the creation process. From the choice of materials to subsequent installation. In fact, we have a specific department for this type of approach.

We advise and provide solutions to each project.

Our intention is to provide support and ensure the peace of mind of artists, sculptors, architects or engineers, to give life to your prototypes or creative designs, marking your seal or imprint for posterity.

Environment and location
Climatology and durability
Material selection and variation over time

Strategic architecture

They represent our evolution as a society, contributing to the historical memory of illustrious people or tributes to significant events, giving identity to the sites, creating emblematic places and representative spaces where the development of cultural activities is promoted. They can be large-scale sculptural, architectural or engineering works that have artistic, historical, archaeological, scientific or social value and interest, which become part of the local heritage; Many are cataloged and even the most outstanding pieces are declared BIC (Asset of Cultural Interest).

Paranínfo Building

1978 - Saragossa
BIC and old medical school.

Panticosa Spa

1994 - Huesca
BIC, category of historical complex and natural site.

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SecureStone® is the solution, supervising each stage and element of your project.