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[ Interior design]

Stone and Marble

Wall Coverings

The carved walls give sensory richness to the rooms, creating unique spaces, being in relief they create a play of light and shadow.

Pavement Coverings

At Secure Stone we cover floors with all types of finishes (polished, bush-hammered or saw-cut).

Stairs Construction

We place all types of stairs, simply taking into account the building criteria, emblems and identity of the place.


Custom designs in all types of materials, for all types of floors, walls, objects, furniture and space coverings.

We design the puzzle of your dreams.

We create unique walls, floors and stairs, leave paper, paint, wood or vinyl aside, gain elegance and above all cleanliness.

Once the design proposal is received, all the necessary plans are made to prepare the design like a puzzle, cutting and preparing everything for placement in the indicated place.

[ Our Technique - Carved Stone]


We use a Waterjet system to cut materials, allowing us to make precise, complex cuts, giving an impeccable result and allowing us to create everything unimaginable in ornamental drawings. Playing with textures, the combination of tones of materials and color changes; The aim is to create the most diverse shapes and designs, according to the needs of each project.

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SecureStone® is the solution, supervising each stage and element of your project.